UK, Canada, Sweden

Over 20 years of design experience, from small products to large transportation and infrastructure projects. 


BlueFormDesign was founded in 2005 by Jamie Ibbett. He grew up in the UK and received his Masters in design in Sweden. Jamie settled in Canada where he works as both a design consultant and an infantry officer reservist in the Canadian Armed Forces Royal Regiment of Canada. 


At his foundation Jamie is an artist and sculptor, though 20 years of practical design experience has provided him with an inate capacity to both identify root problems and provide creative solutions, both on a creative and technical level. Be it a complex transportation infrastructure problem or a design and manufacturing problem, BlueFormDesign can provide a comprehensive and innovative solution. 

Concept Ideation

Taking ideas from the point of discussion and inspiration through to sketch visualization. Providing new innovative ideas for your company's products and service offerings. Leading or guiding brain storming sessions. Developing product / brand DNA strategies.



Digital / physical prototypes and final CAD. Finding the best manufacturing processes. Guidance through the various phases of production. 

Concept Refinement

Taking the design through a physical and digital sculpting phase as needed. Ensuring that all practical aspects of a design are addressed. 



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Tel: 437 353 3300

533 Hillside Dr,

Campbellford, ON, K0L 1L0

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