Personal History

Founder of blueformdesign, Jamie Ibbett was born in the North of England and trained in classical fine arts. After moving to Canada he embarked on a career in Industrial Design. 


Jamie Ibbett studied Industrial design at the Ontario College of Art and Design. After Graduation, he completed his masters in advanced product design and transport design at the Institute of Design in Sweden. 

Work History

Since graduating in 1998, Jamie has worked with top design agencies around the world. He has also provided services to a variety of corporations ranging from larger automotive firms such as BMW and Volvo,  to a variety of product development companies and post secondary institutions. In 2005, after many successful years in the industrial design industry, Jamie formed blueformdesign. Recently Jamie completed the Canadian Armed Forces officer qualification. Serving as a commissioned officer as part of Toronto’s Royal Regiment of Canada’s infantry reserve regiment is a responsibility that requires sound people management skills. Operating while under pressure is Jamie’s bread and butter.

“Everything is evolving rapidly now, it’s not enough to just track and follow trends. The future will be constructed upon substance and sustainable practices. Business models have to consider long term strategies fueled by relevant innovations.“

Jamie Ibbett




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