1. Trend analysis vs. philosophical evolution and innovation

  2. Creative services

  3. Research

  4. Mentoring and team building / motivation

  5. Leading the design initiative

  6. Project planning

  7. Client relations

  8. Global network support and expansion

  9. Education

  10. Technical services

  11. Legal design support

  12. Manufacturing support

  13. Hands on creative execution

  14. Software development support

  15. Project crisis management and support

  16. Vendor evaluation



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Design Services

From initial research, concept phase, and concept development phase through to final production, manufacturing and user experience.

Consulting Services

Providing a link to a network of resources that can be scaled based on the projects needs. Supervising and providing advice on all areas of the product development cycle. Delivering technical and strategic services as needed.

Management Services

Leading a team of existing or new employee’s along with any accompanying consultants or vendors.